Weekly Sewing, Aug 29-- Finger Injury

My weekly sewing was thrown all out of kilter when I sewed through my fingertip early in the week.  I have never done that before!  It happened so quickly that I am still not quite sure how it happened. I have a long-standing problem with my machine stopping and starting.  I've taken it in for servicing multiple times.  Well, the issue has finally been identified and explained to me.  There is an issue inside the machine where the cord attaches.  If it stops sewing, I have to simply spin the plug in its spot, and it "catches" and starts sewing again.  Because of the age of the machine, they would have a hard time fixing it.  Anyway, this occurred while sewing, and I leaned to the right to look at it while I adjusted it.  I must have involuntarily moved my left hand at the same time.  The result--a quite painful injury right on the tip of my finger!  

After commiserating with other seamstresses, I was treated to several stomach-churning photos and stories of needle injuries, so I really count my small wound as fortunate! Unfortunately it did make it tough for me to sew purse orders and other things, plus I am a violinist and have an upcoming performance.  Thankfully, I was able to practice violin last night, and the injury has healed enough that while it did give me some discomfort, I will be able to play next week as planned.

I sewed my finger while working on the Summer Caye pants pattern by Love Notions. First I sewed up a shorts muslin that I have now turned into pajamas.

I always doubted that the wide legs would be attractive on my short, curvy frame, but I have had this gauze for awhile that a friend gave me, and I really wanted to try it as pants.  I made several adjustments to the crotch and seat curves, and slimmed the legs significantly.

The final result is very comfortable. The front detail is quite unique and pretty.  However, I picked an awkward length.  They chop me up funny.  These will probably be house lounging pants.  I do like how the pockets are done on these pants.  The pocket bag goes across the whole front and helps to pull in that lower belly area a bit, which I appreciate.

So, do I do a final pants-length pair or not? I have one more fabric, a navy gauze, but there are a couple issues. 1. I don't know that the wider leg style will look good on me, though I suspect the pants will be much more flattering than the capris. 2. The other gauzes are ironed flat.  My navy fabric is still all crinkly. I would want to iron everything before cutting.  But, I sew in a small space, and I use a small ironing board (I buy those small wood ones they market to college students in dorms and regularly replace them when they warp), and it would take forever to iron 3 yards of 54" wide fabric! So for now, I've set aside this pattern. But I may decide to finish them, it's getting cooler in the evenings and before we know it, the days will be cooler too. It will be nice to have a breezy pair of pants, and I have a lot of blue in my wardrobe.

Sewing purses was tricky, but I was able to finish a few orders.  One needed a special label, and I really like how these look.

The other was actually a clearance purse that when it sold, I was unhappy with the quality and decided to remake it, plus she wanted a chain, so I added that.  I had a bad batch of interfacing a couple years ago, and each purse I made from it, I ended up discarding or putting on clearance.  I sold the last two from that bunch this week, and ended up remaking them both.  Here's one of them. I think those were the last purses from that bad interfacing, so thankfully I don't have to worry about it anymore!

We were house hunting this week, so that's practically all my sewing.  However, I did cut out some clothes that I hope to sew up this week.  I also have been promising my son another pair of shorts. I made all my kids some shorts earlier in the summer from the New Horizons Designs Reef Walkers pattern.  I love how they turned out. My kids seem to like them too.  

This week is our last before school!  I'm so eager for them to return, but I will miss sleeping in. Plus, in a couple of weeks my part-time teaching job starts up again, so I need to do some more lesson planning.  Who knows how much sewing I'll be able to do!  I have committed to sewing two vests and ten mobcaps for costumes for a production our church is putting on later in September.  I also will be embroidering handkerchiefs for my family and in-laws for the occasion.