Churning out projects!

The past couple of days, I've really made progress in finishing up some summer tops and half-finished projects. Sunday I cut out three tops, two of them Bali Blouses like my previous one, and one a cardigan I had planned in the spring and just never got to.  Monday I sewed all three.  I didn't need to change thread colors, and I have my sewing machine and serger in a configuration where I can just pivot and change which machine I'm using.  It took until midnight, but I finished all three except a little hemming, which I finished tonight.  

First, I made the Bali Blouse in a burgundy knit with lace yokes.  The original pattern is for a split back, and I decided to incorporate that design element without truly having an open back.  I made the lace split, and included a solid back from the burgundy.  I love how it turned out! I foresee myself wearing this a lot, just like the blue one I made. (Apologies for all the bathroom selfies. I always finish projects at night with crazy hair and usually a spotty mirror.)

I decided to make the Bali in woven.  The pattern comes with two fits, a slim fit and more relaxed.  Since I was using a rayon border print, I used the relaxed fit.  Unfortunately, it was too poofy, so I did take in the sides a little.  I decided that since in a few weeks it will probably be chillier, to make the sleeves longer.   I don't love this fit as much as the burgundy version, but I do like the border print and how bright this is.  Oh, and I did a full back.

My third project was a white cardigan from the Muse Jenna cardigan pattern. I found a cropped cardigan on Pinterest with lace for the front panel.  I fell in love with it and wanted to do it as my first Pinterest hack. The original is a sweater from the site Torrid.

I'm pretty happy with my version. The Muse pattern has a flat front design that would have worked even better. I used Variation B, which has two pieces and gathers on each front piece.  I did two muslins for this pattern. She drafts for something super tall, like 5'9" or something, so I kept having to take height out and I had to fix the armscye.  I muslined this back in the spring, and didn't feel like trying to remember my changes and transfer them to the flat front pattern piece, so I did this.  I used some hem tape to help the edges of the lace, and it worked great.

I decided tonight that in addition to hemming the tops from the previous night, I needed to catch up on my buttons for various cardigans I've made over the years. I hate buttonholes and buttons, even though they aren't very hard on my machine.  So I just gritted my teeth and went to work! Including the white cardigan above, I put buttons on four projects!

Sorry for the blurry red photo! The red cardigan is my second muslin from the Muse Jenna pattern. The cream and gold striped one is a hack from the Shwin Designs Lucy top. The fourth is a pattern from Lekala.  That's an interesting site where you put in your measurements and it pops out a pattern for your measurements!  Unfortunately, I made the top before I really understood how to muslin and alter and fit.  It looks nice, and I did a great job lining and enclosing all seams, but the armhole bothers me a lot when I raise my arm.  Also, my shoulders aren't broad or high enough for it.  I decided to finish the buttons anyway, and maybe I'll find someone who fits into it better and can enjoy it.

Since I am waiting on supplies for my purse custom orders, my next sewing project will be two polos for my husband.  After that, besides my business sewing, I will need to start working on fall sewing for myself and my kids.  I am not making a ton for them, just some shirts and cardigan, but I need to start soon.