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A special baby dress and other outfits

My biggest project of the past couple of weeks has been a baby dress for my niece, who is turning 1 soon. I started with WInnie the Pooh fabric from Wanderlust Custom Fabrics. I bought those before I knew what I would be sewing. After it arrived, I looked around for a suitably ruffly dress. I eventually settled on the Belle Rococo Dress by FooFoo Threads. I’ve had the pattern in my bookmarked patterns for awhile, and I figured it would be perfect

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Starting off 2019

Well we’re starting the third month of the year and I haven’t posted for awhile. I worked on some pattern tutorial videos today but I realized that I couldn’t handle posting those until I had finished posting my sewing for the last couple of months. Things. Must. Stay. In. Order! :)

Each season as the weather changes I evaluate my kids’ clothes with them and figure out what they’ve outgrown

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