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Summer Clothes

Summer is over, school has started, and I have a whole boatload of pictures of projects from this summer. I’m going to divide it into two posts. This one will be about clothes, and the next will be purses and other projects.

So, I’ll just divide it by person, and I’ll start with myself!

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A special baby dress and other outfits

My biggest project of the past couple of weeks has been a baby dress for my niece, who is turning 1 soon. I started with WInnie the Pooh fabric from Wanderlust Custom Fabrics. I bought those before I knew what I would be sewing. After it arrived, I looked around for a suitably ruffly dress. I eventually settled on the Belle Rococo Dress by FooFoo Threads. I’ve had the pattern in my bookmarked patterns for awhile, and I figured it would be perfect

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Starting off 2019

Well we’re starting the third month of the year and I haven’t posted for awhile. I worked on some pattern tutorial videos today but I realized that I couldn’t handle posting those until I had finished posting my sewing for the last couple of months. Things. Must. Stay. In. Order! :)

Each season as the weather changes I evaluate my kids’ clothes with them and figure out what they’ve outgrown

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