Weekly Sewing- Aug. 21

Well, I had big plans for this week, as I mentioned in last week's post. However, I didn't manage to finish much of what I planned. With my husband out of town and all my kiddos at home, I stuck to the bare essential (my orders) and only managed one item of clothing I had planned.

This teal purse was a custom order based off of this teal floral purse. The customer asked for the same purse, but larger.  Unfortunately, I didn't have enough fabric for that, so she was okay with me purchasing a similar teal rosette fabric.  This is the medium size of my Curvaceous Clutch pattern, which is for an 8" frame rather than the normal 6" frame. Here is a picture showing the medium next to the original small purse, plus a new small purse in the new fabric.  The original purse sold, so I will be listing the new version early this week. 

I also had to use a sew-in frame, rather than a glue-in purse frame.  I was particularly proud of my neat inside stitches. She also asked for a red interior, which is a fun surprise.

My other order that I finished this week was another Kitty Rose purse for my aunt.  She saw the original purse that I made for the pattern and which I gave to my mom.  I ended up making a second, identical one for photographing a few steps, and I kept it for myself.  So, with this third one, that makes three of us with the exact same purse out there! At family reunions we'll have to be careful!

Apologies for the lousy photos.  I have the worst lighting in my sewing room for a first-floor apartment!  We have other apartment buildings and bushes blocking the light.  So these are taken with the inside lights on, giving everything a funny mix of natural and artificial lighting!

After I finished these orders and got them all out in the mail, I worked on some personal sewing.  My husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary this weekend!  I still can't believe it's been that long.  We had a fun afternoon swimming at the lake with extended family, then left the kids with their grandparents and went out to a fancy dinner.  I decided I needed a new dress for the occasion.  

Sorry, the bathroom selfie with dirty mirror is the best picture I could get.  My father-in-law took a bunch of photos of us on his nice camera, but I don't have any of those yet.

This is the Kathryn dress by Itch to Stitch patterns. Her patterns are some of my favorites I've made.  This is the second item I've made from the pattern. The first was a shirt.  I got a great fit by using this tutorial for a deep bust adjustment. I really love the pleats--they resemble a ready-to-wear shirt I have from JCPenney's.  I'm not sure what fabric this is--I bought it from Joann Fabrics and it's a semi-sheer black knit with gold dots.  I bought a slinky black polyester knit of similar weight this week, and it worked great as a lining. I would love to make this dress in a thick sweater knit with long sleeves for fall.

So that's my sewing for the week! With my husband gone again (he was home for less than 48 hours), and school starting soon, I may spend most of my time getting ready for school and trying to fit in a couple more fun activities. But if I have sewing time, I will make another two polos for my husband and hopefully another Bali blouse like I made last week for myself.