Starting off 2019

Well we’re starting the third month of the year and I haven’t posted for awhile. I worked on some pattern tutorial videos today but I realized that I couldn’t handle posting those until I had finished posting my sewing for the last couple of months. Things. Must. Stay. In. Order! :)

Each season as the weather changes I evaluate my kids’ clothes with them and figure out what they’ve outgrown and what they need. I make a list and then slowly make my way through buying or sewing what they need. This year I decided my girls needed some new pants and all my kids could use a few new long sleeved shirts. I also got to start using my Christmas present from my husband, a new coverstitch machine!

My oldest got two pairs of joggers (New Horizons Caritas) and three shirts. The shirts were the NH Cascade Tee, Hey June Camden Raglan, and Blaverry Sami. The fabric is a mix of stuff from Smoogie Fabric, So Sew English Fabric, and Sew Big Fabric.

My son got three new shirts. Two are from the Sofilantjes Regem Pattern, and one is from the Bella Sunshine Kids free raglan pattern. The fabrics are from Smoogie, Peek-a-boo Fabric, and So Sew English.

My daughter got four new pairs of Caritas joggers and some leggings from the free Love Notions Leggins pattern. Both she and her sister got one pair in super plush fabric from So Sew English, which is a super snuggly fabric. I envy them on cold days! It’s pricey with shipping though because it’s heavy. So I don’t buy it very much. I also made her three new shirts, one Cascade Tee, one Camden Raglan with a hood, and a Blaverry Eller. Her fabric is from Smoogie and So Sew English and Sew Big Fabric.

My youngest didn’t need much, but I made him a couple shirts for fun. They are both the Sofilantjes Regem pattern, and he’s smaller than the smallest size, so they are a little big, but still very cute.

Once I finished the clothes for my kids, I felt comfortable working on some clothes for myself. Unfortunately I spent a lot of January and February sick or taking care of sick family, so I haven’t accomplished everything I wanted, but I’m much happier going into my closet now. I made myself several new tops. Two are Hey June Lane Raglans. One is a Terra Tunic from Love Notions. Two are Sinclair Patterns Lauren tops, and those are my favorite, especially the stretch velvet! Most of the fabric is from So Sew English.

Next are some miscellaneous projects. A sign for my husband’s aunt’s stepmother. A new blanket (topper from Smoogie Fabric). A scripture bag for my nephew’s baptism. (from the Sweet Sunday Bag). That’s everything except a couple other home decor projects that I will put into a separate post. I’m also working on a new sewing pattern and it should be ready for testers soon!