Portlanders for everyone!

Last winter I cut back on how many clothes I made for my kids. I didn't want to burn myself out and decided to just make them some tops and occasionally something else.  So I went to a kid clothing store and bought my kids a bunch of pants.  The girls all got similar knit pants that looked like skinny jeans, but in soft, stretchy fabric.  Sadly the clothes didn't wear all that well.  By the end of winter most of them needed patched knees.  Now when my girls are putting them on, they fit as snug as leggings, so I know I need to make or buy them new pants.

So I decided to buy the girls Portlander pattern from New Horizons. These are basically lounge pants, but depending on the fabric you use, they can be a little nicer and definitely appropriate for more than just pajamas.

I didn't feel like buying new fabric though, so I searched through my stash.  Even though my stash looks impressive, it's mostly remnants from past projects that are of a yard or less.  I had some problems finding enough fabric for these, so each girl just got two pairs.  

For my youngest I used a ponte black and white fabric.  My other daughter has pants from this fabric and I know it will eventually fade a bit and pill, but it's still a fairly sturdy fabric.  I also used some super stretchy denim leftover from a failed project for myself.  It has tiny polka dots and is super cute. After these photos I did have to go back and hem the pants up an inch.  Even though I measured her inseam AND the pattern, I ended up with the pants too long.  When she gets taller, if they still fit, I can let down that seam.

For my oldest, I used a burgundy french terry for one pair.  Those definitely turned out the best.  I also had some other stretch denim, but this fabric wasn't nearly as soft as the other denim.  I also decided to use rib knit for the waistband.  This was definitely a mistake.  It had very poor recover and was definitely not strong enough to hold up the weight of the rest of the pants.  I ended up folding over the waistband after these photos and making an elastic casing.  She liked them much better after that.  Both her pairs have an extra deep hem as well so I can take it out as she grows.

I'm really happy to have more pants choices for them.   These were super fast and easy and nothing beats that!  Plus--free! 

I am due in less than 2 weeks and I know my sewing time is short.  I've been planning another couple of pants for myself that I've had in mind for awhile--a pair of lounge pants/pajamas for myself, and some pants from stretchy denim-looking fabric that I have.  Since who knows when I'll feel like sewing after the baby, I figured it's better to just do it now.  So I made some Portlanders for myself from the women's pattern

I have actually made this pattern before, and it was NOT a success.  I always have to fiddle a lot with pants patterns, and last time I didn't make enough alterations.  I have high hip bones and that means I really need to increase the back rise.  I still had a perma-wedgie and chose fabric with poor recovery for the waistband, so I never wear those.  But I decided to try again with much better quality athletic fabric from Joann Fabrics.  I used my self-drafted knit pants pattern to make sure the crotch and rear curves were correct.  I did make the waistband looser because I won't want it super tight even after the baby.  They seem to fit great! Oh, and after making them and hemming I had to hem them again two more inches! I really thought I had fixed the length issues the last time, but I guess not.  I did alter the pattern to be less wide as well through the legs.

(Really wish I had worn a bra today!). These are comfy, fit well, and while I don't think I'd want to wear them all day right now because the waistband is only kind of maternity-friendly, I still might wear them around the house if it gets cool before the baby comes. I'll likely bring these to the hospital to wear after the baby is born! And I can definitely see myself making more in the future.

In other news, I also have a new bag pattern in testing currently! I'm not sure when it will release because of the baby, but I'm excited to finally, after about 10 months, have a new pattern out! I had two patterns close to ready before I got pregnant, but horrible morning sickness, stomach viruses, the flu, and a broken rib really put a crimp in things.