Baby's here! And October sewing.

20170927_122751 (2).jpg

Well, my baby arrived last month!  He was a few days early and thankfully my mom had just come into town.  All went well and he was a healthy 8 pounds, 10 ounces.  He's super cute and cuddly and my kids all love him.

Surprisingly, I've accomplished quite a few sewing projects in the 5 weeks since he was born.  Much of that is because he prefers to nap during the day in some sort of carrier, so with my hands free I have been able to dedicate quite a lot of time to sewing.

First, I finished a diaper bag just a couple of days before he arrived.  This one was too complicated and weird. It turned out okay, and I've been using it, but I plan on making a new one. 

My first project after the baby was a new sleep bra.  I traced my old one and made some changes it to so it would fit better than the old sleep bra. This was a fast project. I should definitely make some more.


Before I had the baby I had cut out several pairs of pants for my kids.  I sewed these up starting a couple weeks post partum.  The first is the Reef Walkers from New Horizons Designs.  I lengthened them from shorts to pants and used a turtle fabric for the inner panel to make my turtle-obsessed child happy. I then used the Alpine Trousers pattern from the same designer.  I used french terry on both pairs of pants, even for the Alpine pants that are made for wovens.  Finally, I used some corduroy I've had for ages and used the Alpine pattern without the piecing.

I also made more pants for my daughters.  I made them each another pair of Portlanders, also from New Horizons.  Then I tried a pattern I've made before, the Maxxine pants from Love Notions.  These didn't work as well.  My daughters were in the middle and I sized up, so they ended up baggy. I then made them each Boxwood Joggers from pink french terry.  I don't think it had enough stretch, because they fit my girls more like leggings.  That was a disappointment.

Next I had Halloween sewing.  For my daughters I made mermaid skirts from the Violette Fields Leilani skirt pattern. My oldest daughter was able to help make hers.  I also made her a pink top with sheer sleeves like she requested. That was from the Blaverry Finn pattern (discontinued), though I had some issues topstitching the ruffles and it made the front lay funny, whoops.  I also drafted a turtle shell pattern for my son's turtle costume, and made my newest son a baby hat pattern from a pattern from TieDyeDiva.

The other project this month was a series of hoodies from the New Horizons Summit Peak Hoodie.  For my son, I used green fleece so he could wear it as part of his turtle costume.  I meant to make a lightweight fleece hoodie, but after feeling the Luxe fleece at Joanns, I just had to use that!  It was very thick to work with, but it worked out.  I bought some other Luxe fleece to make hoodies for my daughters. They all love their new hoodies.

Next up: some new tops and dresses for me that are nursing friendly, plus a Sunday outfit for my new baby.  I also plan on making a couple tops for my kids to build up their cool weather wardrobes. Plus, I'm finally making progress on my sewing pattern that got interrupted when the baby was born!

And one final picture of my baby for good measure.