Barrelette Clutch Pattern video tutorials

I have been wanting to film some video tutorials for awhile. This morning I had an email question about fusing the peltex in my Barrelette Clutch pattern, and since I had a stack of Barrelette clutches to fuse for my handmade shop, I decided what better time than now to start? I am ordering a phone tripod, but today I had to make do with propping it at funny angles. I made two videos: 1. How to fuse the peltex interfacing layer, and 2. How to sew the end pieces on. These are the two trickiest parts of this pattern and so I made two videos.

These are one-take videos. I do have access to some nice video editing software, so I’m hoping these videos improve as I go along. Today I’m sporting my Jasper sweater from Paprika Patterns, made from awesome french terry that I won in a giveaway from Sew Big Fabric. My crazy hair is courtesy of my five year old, who woke up with an awful earache that led to an early morning doctor visit and skipping my shower. My husband saw the video and said, “You look cute! I think you need a haircut, though.” :)

First, How to fuse the peltex layer. Here you go:

Next is how to sew on the ends. For many people this is the hardest part of the pattern. I’m hoping my tips and actually seeing someone do it will ease your way!

Thanks for watching! I’m not sure which pattern I’ll do next. I know the Round the World Purse has had a couple requests. The Flourish Clutch pattern actually has a Sew-a-long here on the blog. If you have a request for a video, let me know!