My finished bed


I’m so happy with my bed now. I’ve been enjoying my new duvet, but the fabric for my pillows took over a month to arrive, so I just worked on other projects. Finally, the teal fabric arrived (I don’t plan on ordering from again any time soon). The navy fabric was much quicker, it came from an Etsy shop. I was pleased that the teal fabric came with enough extra length in my yard that I could do a little lip around each pillow as part of the pillow case. For the small pillows, I had enough gold trim from a previous project that I had just the right amount.

My husband and I only use one pillow each to sleep on, and we don’t love having a lot of decorative pillows, so we discussed how many pillows we could handle having. I like this amount. We happened to have some king sized pillows that we never liked much, so those went in the teal pillow cases, and I bought the two small pillow forms to go with everything. So far it hasn’t been annoying taking two pillows off at night on my side and then replacing them in the morning. Plus, we bought a new television recently, so we have the old one in our room now. The extra pillows on the bed are nice for lounging in the evening while we watch TV and read.

I bought some gold sheets to go with these, and I’m not sure I love them on the bed after all. But it’s always nice to have more than one pair of sheets, and all our others are old or really don’t match, so I plan on buying some navy sheets as well. I also bought a navy bed skirt after I took these photos and it definitely helps the whole look. Next I can start thinking of curtains and paint for this room, but I have a couple other rooms that I plan on concentrating on first. For now, I’m happy.

As for the rest of my March projects, I made a pair of pants for one son and helped that same son sew a costume for Odyssey of the Mind. Other than that, I’ve been hard at work at my newest sewing pattern, the Elite Crossbody Wallet, that will be releasing in just a couple more days. I also made videos to go along with the pattern. It will be a fun one!