Kids Clothes--raincoats and short sleeves

At the end of March I did a Very Big Project (floor cushions), which I'll be sharing over 2-3 blog posts.  But I also had some other projects in February and March that I want to share, and since almost all of those were kid clothes, I will share them first and then write about the big project.

First, rain coats.  I made each of my daughters raincoats from the Lil Luxe Collection Zhora Jacket. I made these out of cheap translucent shower curtain liners.  Most of the expense was from the bias tape, but I bought those during a sale, so it wasn't too bad.  I did have to double the layers of the shower curtain because it was so thin.  The coats are kind of crunchy--basically they are like fancy ponchos.  My daughters haven't used them much yet but they love how they look like dresses.

Next I got a start on my kids' warm weather clothes.  I have always tried to avoid custom fabrics because they are very expensive.  But I saw some fabric panels with animals being sold a few months ago and fell in love.  I ended up buying a bunch of the animal panels and a few others.  My kids really loved picking out panels, and they aren't as expensive as buying yardage. All these panels are from Wanderlust Custom Fabric. I actually sewed most of these shirts over a couple of days of snow days, but it was technically spring! I like to do warm weather sewing in March and April so that by the time the warm weather comes, we aren't surprised and unprepared.

First, my youngest.  Two of the patterns are retired Blaverry patterns. The purple and navy raglan is the Camden Raglan from Hey June patterns.  That is a new pattern for me, and I really liked the feminine cut for both my girls. My daughter's definite favorite is the flamingo one and she wears it as many days as she can until I make her change.

Next, my son. The penguin shirt is a retired raglan pattern from Fishsticks Designs that I color blocked.  The turtle one is the Sofilantjes Patterns Semper Sweater with an altered neckline and neckband. The world panel is a Jackalope Tee from Momma Quail Patterns, color blocked. That pattern is a favorite and I make him something from it pretty much every season!  The last two are from the Sofilantjes ADVTee pattern. I was going to embroider a turtle on the pocket but I just didn't have the energy, so I bought a little turtle patch at the fabric store that happened to match pretty well.

Finally, my oldest. The horse shirt is the Patterns for Pirates Sugar Pie dolman. The unicorn is the Camden Raglan again. Both of these are great for my daughter because at almost 10, she's starting to have hips and the normal straight designs of other kids shirts end up riding up. The other three shirts are retired Blaverry patterns.

My kids all love these shirts and wear them constantly.  I made myself a pair of pants from a self-drafted pattern.  I did make some adjustments because they were from stretch denim and I usually make them from fabric with four-way stretch.  They are pretty comfy.