Big catch-up

Two months without a post! I was way too busy during the holidays and since then I've been working extra at my part-time job.  I'm going to try to play catch-up with my projects in the last couple of months. 

First off, stockings. November and December are definitely the best months for my stocking business, and I had some really fun orders. 

Once I was finished with my stocking orders for the year, I concentrated on some Christmas gifts. First off, I made a simple but cuddly blanket for a friend with sweatshirt fleece on one side and cuddle fleece on the other. Then I made a winter hat for my husband (from this pattern). After that I worked on a fun, but challenging gift for my kids and two nephews.  I made a pattern for 3-D Pokeballs. I plan on offering it in my shop, once I can perfect the pattern.  I also made a scripture bag for my other nephew, also from my own pattern.  That pattern is going to be in my shop eventually too! The little animal ornaments were for my husband and his mom and dad.  They all are really big into Scouting, and have completed the Woodbadge training course.  During that they all have an animal, or "critter". I bought the ornaments and made little woodbadge scarves. Lastly, this month I had a baby shower where the baby will be in NICU for awhile.  I made her some developmental hearts and a little bear from this pattern. The bear has the baby's name embroidered, as well as the family members' names.

I have made several projects for my kids over the last two months as well. First, I made my daughter a bunch of underwear from this pattern. Then I made my son a bunch of pairs from this pattern. Then I finally go to making my daughters dresses that I had planned for Christmas.  I was really happy to use up the gold velvet and the cream fabric, which was left from another project.  I used a discontinued pattern (Blaverry Thea). Finally, I made a bunch of pillowcases for kids at church turning 8 this year including my own son.  

Finally, I made lots of new clothing for myself!  Let's see if I can get them all.  I'll divide them by month. Here is November. The black top is a Lane Raglan from Hey June.  It's weird fabric, and I turned into a comfy pajama shirt.  I really want to make more Lanes from fabric I like. Next, I used the same fabric in a different color to make a Boheme Sky from Striped Swallow Designs.  I was not a huge fan on this top and how it emphasizes my hips, but I had several people tell me how much they like it.  Next is a leopard-print Beauty Boatneck from Stitch Upon a Time.  (I changed the neckline on both the Beauty Boatneck and the Boheme Sky.). The green top is one of my favorite patterns, the Lisse by New Horizons Designs.  I bought this fleece from Rockywoods fabrics and was so excited.  However, it doesn't have enough stretch and this top is snugger than I like.  It's very warm, so I save it for very cold days.

And December: I decided to try the new Magnolia Fit and Flare dress by Winterwear Designs.  I used some super soft sweater knit from Cali Fabrics that turned darker on the edges.  I incorporated that on that back piece and am really happy with the results.  I raised the neck and still ended up adding a modesty panel. Then I made a navy striped Beauty Boatneck.  This fabric is rayon jersey with 4-way stretch and the shirt is a little too long.  It's very comfy though, and I wear it a lot.  Next is another Boheme Sky.  Unlike the original I made, I LOVE this one.  I'm wearing it as I type.  It's very drapey and thin fabric (more rayon jersey), which is perfect for this pattern.  I'm considering making a dress next. After that I made another Magnolia. I'm a little "meh" about it, but wore it this weekend styled with a white belt and liked it better. The fabric is ITY from Cali Fabrics. Actually, I think the blue stripes and burgundy are also from Cali Fabrics! I bought a bunch of fabric there at Black Friday and have been using it all.  The brown leopard fabric from my November sewing was also from Cali Fabrics, but I bought it last winter. Finally, the teal crossover blouse was for a murder mystery character who was supposed to be a WWII-era reporter.  I was trying to look like a 40s career woman, haha.  Not sure how successful I was, or how much I even like the pattern.  It's the Anderson Blouse from Sew Over It.  It definitely needs to be styled in a different way.  I love the color, but haven't worn it since then, since I don't really know what to do with it.

And January: This burgundy fabric is more fleece from Rockywoods Fabric.  This is the Whistler Tunic from Love Notions.  I can't find any pictures I took from the first version I made, but it didn't turn out very well anyway because the test square was off and I tried to compensate by just cutting a larger size, but the proportions were off.  I didn't like the result and will likely give it away.  This burgundy one isn't much better.  I did a front pleat instead of gathers and I don't like how it looks.  It's big enough, but feels confining when I wear it.  I just don't foresee myself wearing it or making this pattern again. Next, I made a muslin for the Charleston Dress by Hey June.  I basted the seams, and ended up liking it so much that I unpicked the seams and added this fun piping.  It turned fabric that I wasn't a huge fan of (the colors are weird in person) into a dress that looks really cool! What's even more awesome is that I didn't end up needing to change the pattern. For the muslin I took out an inch of height, and for my next versions I decided to add it back in.  Oh, and I did add an inch to the skirt because I wanted it just a little longer. So that was my only change. After the muslin I made two different versions. The first one is green ponte knit from Fabric Wholesale Direct that I really love.  I added a lace applique that I bought years ago.  I made it next from blue and black fabric (more Black Friday fabric from Cali Fabrics). I absolutely love both dresses.  I love the pockets, and the shape, and they are very comfortable because I graded out at the waist and hips for a less-fitted look. I would be happy making a bunch more from this pattern!  The last thing I made was a free bra pattern from George and Ginger.  It did not fit well, but I'm considering making several changes and trying again.  Then again, I should probably go back to traditional underwire bra patterns and see if I can get a good fit from those.  Bra sewing is just not very fun sometimes! It's hard to get a good fit. But that's a whole other story!

Next up, more stockings, more clothes for myself and my kids, and hopefully a couple new sewing patterns.  We'll see!