Largest order ever

Right at the end of May, I was contacted with an amazing opportunity—sew 60 purses for a function that would be given out as favors. The catch was, they needed them in less than three weeks. Well, I calculated whether I could sew that quickly, and ultimately I decided that yes, I could! Ordering supplies would take a week, plus there was shipping time. I ended up with about a week of sewing time. The crazy part was that it coincided with the end of school. So I knew that I would have all my kids home and be dealing with that while trying to sew.


This stack isn’t even everything!

I planned out my cutting, interfacing, and sewing day by day. If I stuck to my schedule, I would be okay. But if I got behind, I would run into big problems. Thankfully all my supplies came in a timely manner (though I did have to pay a lot of rush fees). I ended up buying a bolt of Peltex interfacing that is almost the same height as I am!


We were also starting our state study, and after planning it all out, I didn’t want to mess with the schedule by delaying it. So we took breaks to go do blueberry picking and other activities, and I worked feverishly the rest of the time. I can’t even remember what we did for dinners. Either we ate fast food or my husband cooked, probably.

Everything came together, more or less on track. My kids were awesome about entertaining themselves and helping out with their toddler brother. I also ordered new labels, and I really love them. It’s been too long since I’ve had any sort of label.

I loved seeing everything come together, and my whole family got a kick out of the gradually rising pile o’ purses.

I’m not sure where my final pictures got to that showed all sixty finished purses, but you get the idea! It was a crazy, stressful, memorable week. I’m really glad I said yes! Plus, the money helped out with swim lessons and our vacation! My husband asked if I would do it again, and I definitely hesitated (maybe if I didn’t have all four kids home!), but hey, if someone is willing to offer me that much money again, I’ll make some sacrifices!