Summer purses and other fun projects

I always have some sort of project going on, and this summer was no different. Here are the many projects I worked on, as well as the purses or other special orders I made.

For end of school presents we made marble necklaces again with the help of my kids.


A friend of mine moved and left me a bunch of fabric. Much of it was already cut into strips, so I sewed them together to make three blankets for a charity for foster children. My kids helped with tying the fleece blanket fringe. I can’t find a photo of the pink fleece one we also made.

I made another soft peek-a-boo book for my niece, just like the one I made for my son, but with different pictures for all of her family. I love this project! I used Adobe Illustrator to design it and had it printed at Spoonflower, then I just cut and sewed.

I ended up sewing things for two of my kids’ friends, which is a bit unusual. My son’s best friend wanted a turtle shirt just like my son’s so I made him one before he moved. My daughter really wanted me to make a hoodie for her friend, so I did, even though it was still July!

My oldest hasn’t been very interested in sewing, but when I suggested that she sew her own gym bag for school, she liked the idea. She picked out the fabric and while I did most of the cutting, she did almost all of the sewing. I was really proud of her!

I also had some fun custom orders this summer.