Sweet Sunday Baptism gift


Yesterday my son turned 8 and was baptized a member of our church.  Last year when my oldest was going to be baptized, I first developed the Sweet Sunday Bag. I made a test version first and gave that bag to my son. For his own baptism I wanted to make him a nice new bag with this version of the pattern. He had two requests: green fabric, and turtle fabric on the inside. Well, I scoured the whole fabric store and couldn't find turtle fabric. So I used a gray flannel I already had.  For the green outer, I picked up some of the same green fabric I used in the Kitty Rose pattern. I actually carry that purse around as my day to day bag, and I love how well the green fabric has held up, so I wanted to use it for this scripture bag too.

Instead of turtle fabric, I embroidered his name and two turtles on one side. The other has the Philadelphia temple.

I also picked the zipper closure option. Unfortunately, I was using older pattern pieces, and ended up making a zipper panel that was way too short.  After the fact I looked at the pattern piece and found a "helpful" annotation correcting the length. Thanks, Tori from 3 months ago! I redid the zipper and then could finish the purse.

His new scriptures hadn't arrived in the mail, but I did buy him a (turtle) journal and put his sister's scriptures in to check the fit.

I really do love this pattern. I think it looks so nice and sharp as a finished product.  The foam interfacing gives it a really nice blocky silhouette and helps provide padding for heavy items like scriptures.  Hopefully this scripture case will last him for years (and possibly beyond the turtle obsession, which has no end in sight).

Here's a picture of my boy on his special day.