Flashback Series: My Favorite Clothes for Myself

Last week I blogged about my earliest sewing efforts. This week, for my Flashback Series, I'm going to share my top ten (okay, maybe top 12) patterns that I've made for myself.  I couldn't quite narrow it down to 10 individual items--some patterns I make over and over because I like them so much.

Unfortunately, most of these pictures are bathroom selfies! I really do own a nice camera and can take decent shots, but I keep it on my sewing area to use for purse product photos, and I don't like messing with the settings.  So most of these shots are from my cell phone.

I'm going to go in chronological order rather than try to figure out an order of how much I like them!

1. Bathing Suit, Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit

This is actually not the first bathing suit I made for myself.  My first swimsuit was self-drafted, and while it was quite the feat, it did have some issues because both sewing swimsuits and drafting patterns were new to me.  This bathing suit was from an actual pattern, though I did alter several things about it to make it more modest.  It's a great suit and I've worn it for two years. The only reason I made myself a new swimsuit this year is because the halter on this red suit hurts my neck after a short period.

2. Bra, Shelley Pattern from Pin Up Girls

This was the first bra I've made for myself.  I'm really happy with the results. Unfortunately, fitting a bra perfectly is hard, and since I stopped nursing soon after finishing this, it didn't fit for very long.  I've since made several more bras, both from this pattern, and others, and while I've gotten closer to a good fit, I haven't managed a truly comfortable and supportive bra yet.  It's an expensive sewing hobby too, with all the special elastics and notions.

3. Blazer, Lekala 4010 

I discovered the Lekala company a few years ago, and got excited about having custom patterns to my measurements.  I went a little crazy buying patterns, and made a bunch of Lekala items.  This was before I really understood anything about fitting and alteration, so I ended up with a lot of garments that mostly fit me but not quite perfectly.  I still like a lot of their designs, but I wouldn't make them anymore without fitting a muslin first.

This blazer, however, is one of my favorites.  I did put buttons on it after this picture.  I absolutely love this teal floral fabric.   I love wearing this blazer in the fall and spring with either jeans or black slacks.

4. Wrap around skirt, hack of Lekala 4355.

I love this skirt so much.  I used the Lekala 4355 pattern as a base, but I made it as a wrap skirt.  I used some fantastic boucle with silver strands in it, and I love the buttons I got.  To close it, I sewed on large sew-on black snaps.

5. Lace cardigan, Julia from Mouse House Creations

I really like the Julia cardigan, and this black lace fabric was perfect for a summer cardigan.  I love how elegant this cardigan is, and I wear it all the time.

6. Sweater, Lisse Cowl from New Horizon Designs

I made this sweater last fall, and it is my first successful item of clothing that really fits well everywhere.  This started my quest to learn how to alter patterns and fit things well to MY body.  I made just a few small changes to this pattern, but I love how it turned out.  I plan on making another this fall.

7. Carolina Tee by Shwin Designs and Stitch Upon a Time Goldilegs

Looking at these pictures, I honestly can't remember which item of clothing I had decided was on my "Favorites" list.  I absolutely love these pants.  They are Goldilegs and these are my third try after two muslins.  They are rather distinctive though, so I feel weird wearing them too much, but I love them. The tee is also one of my favorite items.   I just love teal, and this lace I saved for something special.  I ended up making a dress from it too. This outfit was my Thanksgiving outfit last year.

8. Blue sweater, Irena from Itch to Stitch

I loved this french terry sweater so much.  I can't wait for cold weather so I can wear it again! It is very cozy.  I made it again with a thicker plaid fabric and sadly I didn't know very well how to use my serger, and all the seams stretched out.  I would like to make it again this fall, only this time I am not intimidated by changing settings on my serger!

9. Woven/Knit tops, Dakota top from Shwin Designs

I almost always have to make significant changes to patterns from Shwin Designs.  There are often weird armscyes.  I get frustrated, and decide to not buy any more patterns from them. But then I find myself making and remaking the altered patterns.  This Dakota pattern actually required very few alterations.  I love the knit back and woven front.

10. Tshirt, Sweet Tee by Patterns for Pirates.

When the Sweet Tee was released, I saw a lot of sewers saying that it wasn't worth paying money for a simple dolman pattern when so many are available for free.  I haven't been a big fan of dolman style tops before, but after trying out and liking a couple other patterns, I decided to buy this.  I did make some small changes to get the fit I like, but I really like the result.  I made 4 and wear them frequently.

11. and 12. After making this list, I decided that two of my most recent makes are definitely among my favorites.  My Bali Blouse and my black and gold Kathryn Dress have become instant favorites. 

I enjoyed looking at all my projects over the years.  I definitely have gotten much better at making clothes that are flattering and fit well! Hopefully I will continue to do so.

Next week I'm going to switch focuses a bit and highlight my ten favorite purse custom orders!