Weekly Sewing: Stockings

This week I finished several stocking orders.  In my stocking shop, I frequently have people show me photos of stockings they own or are discontinued, that they want me to match.  I had a couple orders like that this week.

First off, the Bride and Groom stockings.

These were inspired by a Pinterest photo.  I especially love the veil and pearls that I sewed on by hand.

Last year I made a stocking for a new baby.  This year, they came back for more stockings!

And my final order, some coordinating gold and burgundy jacquard stockings.

I have a stack of fabric and patterns that I want to make for myself.  I'm trying to finish everything in the pile before I buy more fabric for anything.  Yesterday I had my first chance all week to work on clothes for myself and I made three things! First, I made some Portlander Pants by New Horizons.  I didn't take a photo because they are black. I made them for bed, and even adjusting the rise, I didn't make enough adjustments. I wore them once to bed and they weren't that comfortable.  I plan on making them again with a few more changes, and with using a stretchier fabric at the top. I used the same fabric as the rest of the pants, and it didn't work well.

I wanted to make something last night and didn't want to spend time making a muslin, so I picked two items on my list from a pattern I've already made.  I used the New Horizons Bali Blouse, one of my favorites. You can't really see the color accurately from the photos, but one is teal blue and one is teal green with flowers.  

I still need to hem them, but it was too late last night!