Weekly Sewing, 10/9/16

I spent several days this week cutting out fabric.  I decided to make a bunch of fall/winter tops for my kids.  I bought some new french terry a few weeks ago, but most of these clothes came from my existing fabric stash.  I absolutely love using fabric up!  I don't have a ton of storage room, so when I free up space, I feel more comfortable ordering new fabric.  However, I'm one of those strange seamstresses who doesn't like having a huge stash.  I prefer to order fabric for a specific project. However, I do tend to have bigger plans than I can feasibly can accomplish in the time I have, and I do sometimes give into the pull of beautiful fabric.  Plus, most projects end up with usable sized scraps.  So, I do have a bunch of fabric.  And now, after cutting out all these clothes, I have a lot less!

First, I wanted to share the completed version of my order from my post on wrap-around edges for the Barrelette Clutch. 

I just love when brides pick fun, personalized embellishments! 

So here are the stacks of fabric I cut out.  Three are for my children, one is for my husband.  I've had his polos on my to-do list for a couple months! The only reason I put it off this week was because my serger is threaded in white, so I tackled the light-colored projects first.  This next week I'll tackle the projects for black and blue thread.

The orange and yellow fabric on top is actually for their Halloween costumes.  My kids want to be Pokemon this year. I'm making costumes that are a bit less literal than they'd probably like.  They each will have hoodies the correct color, and then I bought a mask and tail and hat for two of the creatures. The third I will need to make a hat.  I'm all about simplicity with costumes, plus these will be able to be work after the holiday as normal hoodies.

So far I have finished a white Lil LDT dress for my 3yo, and for my 6yo I've finished a Jackalope Tee, a Patrick Curved Raglan, and a Semper Sweater.  I also used the Semper Sweater pattern for the three Pokemon costumes, but two still need sleeve cuffs and one needs a neckline sewn, so I haven't taken pictures yet.

My son is happy.  The girls will be thrilled this week when I finish some tops for them.  I have a bunch of single purse orders to make too, but I'm hoping to finish all those tomorrow.

Finally, here's my son modelling his new shirts.  He has an issue called can't-pose-like-a-normal-human-itis.  :) Okay, I did get a few normal faces, but where's the fun in sharing those?