New Pattern: Lattice Clutch


I’ve been making and selling purses for almost 9 years now, and in that time I’ve made many purse designs. Some were used once, some I decided I liked a lot and made over and over. Several of those have turned into PDF patterns. I have a list quite long of ideas for future patterns; some are just sketches or ideas, and some are based on patterns I’ve made and sold. This newest design, the Lattice Clutch, is one of my very first purse patterns. I looked in my old photos and found one of the first purses I sold from this design.

001 (2).JPG

Kind of cute with the tassels!

Then I added a couple other options: woven, and gathered.

So those photos are from 2010, and now in 2019 I’m ready to release the Lattice Clutch! I really love this fun clutch design. It’s so easy to hack and modify and experiment with. In fact, I told my testers that they were free to use piecing and embellishments and be creative. I will make sure to point out their additions so you know what is and is not in the pattern and gain some ideas.

The Lattice Clutch is available in three styles: Basic, Woven, and Gathered. There are two flap shapes, and the pattern gives three different interior pocket options and instructions for adding an optional wristlet or shoulder strap. I’m going to start first with the Basic variation—no weaving, no gathering.

(Credit to Joni Porthouse, Lori Peoples, Kirsty Bucholz, Glenys Binstead, Rajyalaxmi Pradeep, Brenna Smith, and Melissa Uhler). Lori added a ribbon on the flap and piping around the edge, and Kirsty pieced her fabric in 2” squares so it resembles the the woven version, but is actually pieced. Glenys increased the height of the body and flap for her gray leather version. Raji moved the strap tabs to the inside of the flap.

Next up is the gathered version.

(Credit to Maria Teresa Lucio and Sandra Diehl). Maria used vinyl, which looks fabulous, and both ladies added a turn lock, which I absolutely love the look of. Maria also used Decovil heavy instead of foam for the interfacing. I haven’t tried Decovil light or heavy yet, but I plan to! I made this design in dupioni silk and cotton.

You can also made this purse with a basic body and woven flap, or vice versa.

(Credit to Ira Diyanti, Mulan Luna, Tan Puey Hoon, and Sandra Diehl). This combination is one of my favorites to make. I love the contrast of the flap and body. Ira and Tan both topstitched the edges of their vinyl strips and the result is eye-catching! You can see how different fabrics work great with this pattern—Mulan used cotton, Tan used vinyl for one and a mix of vinyl and canvas for the second, and Sandra and Ira also combined fabrics. I used a silk woven flap with brocade body and vinyl flap with cotton woven body.

Finally, the all-woven versions.

(Credit to Rochana Jalan, Cheryl Beason, Glenys Binstead). The weaving looks different depending on whether you use one fabric, two, or my case on the bottom row, four! I love the little embellishments on the flap that Rochana added, and Glenys topstitched the edges of the strips, giving it a cool look.

I asked my testers what they would say about this pattern and here are a few of their comments:

  • “I love how versatile this pattern is!”

  • “I found a pattern very well written, well illustrated and easy to follow.”

  • “A fun and easy sew with many possibilities of styles.”

The Lattice Clutch is on sale through Monday, May 27th. Happy Memorial Day weekend for you in the U.S., and happy sewing to everyone! If you make this clutch, I’d love to see it! You can join my Facebook group here or tag it #LatticeClutch and #ToriskaPDF on Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram here.