Weekly Sewing, Sep 4th

During the last week of summer, I was happy with everything I managed to sew.  First, I started off the week by finishing several tops and cardigans for myself, as I already posted.  I also looked back at some of my earliest sewing efforts as the first in a Flashback Series I will be posting. 

I finished the above purse.  This is the small purse of my Curvaceous Clutch sewing pattern. I typically prefer glue-in frames, because they are faster and have a clean finish. But I do like the look of a sewn-in frame sometimes as well.  I just love this rose-gold frame with the champagne and pink purse.  I will be adding it to my listings this week.

Next, I started working on an embroidery project.  We have a special church meeting in a few weeks where we will need white handkerchiefs. I used an old handkerchief of my husband's to practice embroidering. This is the Philadelphia temple. 

This week I will be working with the actual handkerchiefs that I purchased for this.

That same weekend as the church meeting, our church youth will be putting on a giant production and I am helping some of the youth in our congregation with costumes.  I made 12 mobcaps!  While a fairly simple sew, 12 took a chunk of time.  My husband kindly helped me with nearly all the elastic casings.  My older children each gave it a shot, but they had some problems getting the safety pin to move!

This week I will be making two vests for that same church production, plus working on two different large purse orders.