Custom order: Blue woven silk clutches

I love unique custom orders.  Brides are some of my favorite customers because they can be very creative and specific (trust me, when they aren't specific, that's much more nerve-wracking! "Whatever you think is best" is scary!) This bride wanted to purchase my multi-colored woven purses for her bridesmaids, matching their cobalt-ish bridesmaid dresses.  She chose Riviera and Windswept (Riviera is not included on my swatches, as I have my most common 75 colors listed, but my supplier has over 200 colors, so we were able to get just the right shade). 

The interiors are fun.  She chose a coral satin, because coral is one of her colors.  I love the surprise when you open the purses and see this.

Woven purses are one of my favorite designs, probably because it was one of my original designs when I began this business almost exactly 6 years ago.

Yes, that is my torso!

Yes, that is my torso!

I love seeing the purses all spread out.  They will look awesome in the bridal photos.

And one last peek of those fun coral interiors:

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