New Pattern: Yuletide Stocking

Introducing the Yuletide Stocking! This versatile pattern makes it easy to create beautiful Christmas stockings with several variations in both the body and the cuffs.  And here is the best part: it's free! This is my simplest pattern yet, too, which makes it a great pattern for beginners, but there are variations for more the more advanced as well.

Just as a little background: three Christmases ago, I had a third baby, and couldn't find a matching stocking from the store.  After Christmas was over, I made all of us brand new stockings.  I had some fun experimenting with different cuffs and shapes.  Each year since I have been making and perfecting this pattern, and I'm happy to share it with you now. Here's a peek at those original stockings. (That gold trim was nasty to work with, by the way!)

About the pattern: 

You can make it with or without a cuff, with a normal toe, curly toe, curly toe and small heel, or with a high heel.  You can make it with a standard cuff, an angled cuff, an inverted cuff, and a scalloped cuff... I hope you have lots of people in your life that need Christmas stockings, because after making one, you will likely want to keep trying all the options!

I'll use photos from my testers to illustrate the different options. Here are the four toe/heel variations:

And there are 4-ish cuff variations.  The Scalloped cuff can be made rounded or pointed.  So technically 5.

This lovely tester, Cheryl Beason, made all of the non-standard variations.

I'm going to show off the rest of the tester photos arranged by body style.  

First, the standard toe, which is the traditional stocking shape:

Thanks to Cari Brennan, Mindy Long, and Trish Watton for these.

The high heel style:

Thanks go to Cheryl Beason, Michaelanne Boyd, and Cherita Montoney.

The curly toe option:

Thanks go to Ruthie Grams and Glenys Binstead!

And finally, the curly toe and small heel:

For these, my thanks go to Sandie Larsen and Vanessa Behymer!

As you can see, there are endless ways you can customize this pattern.  It is free in my shop, at least for the first couple of months.  After the holidays, the price will raise to $5.  So even if you don't want to make stockings this season, make sure to download it for free while you can! (A note on purchasing the free pattern--you don't need to enter in your credit card info, but it will still require your name and address.)

And, as a little extra incentive to hang around my shop, you can get a 15% discount for this weekend only off of the rest of the sewing patterns in my shop! The discount is YULETIDE15.  The discount is good for today, Friday, through Monday, November 7th.

Finally, here's a few words from the testers about the pattern:

"This is the perfect pattern for a great sized stocking! Love the numerous options available! Great, clear, easy to follow instructions! I'll be making these year after year!"

"This is a quick and simple sew with clear and concise instructions. It can be made in so many ways, there are endless options. A pattern that will definitely come out time and time again."

"This is the second pattern I have tested for Tori; her patterns are well-written, easy to follow, and produce consistent great results. She covers every detail thoroughly - you never have to guess what to do! This comes together quickly - you can make one for everyone on your list!"