Embroidered label Add-on

Embroidered label Add-on

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Add embroidery to your custom purse or an embroidered label to your ready-to-ship clutch.  

I can embroider everything from a simple name to a lengthier message.  If your message is more than six lines, please contact me, because by then your message will be very large.

Available fonts: I have twelve available fonts pictured.

Font color: Ten colors are shown, but I can embroider in almost any shade. I can work with you to choose the perfect color.

Fabric: If your purse is custom or made to order, I will embroider directly on the interior of the purse.  For a label added to a ready-to-ship purse, I will embroider on white cotton twill or white silk unless you choose otherwise.

Size of label: This depends largely on the length of your message.  If you have a specific size requirement, let me know. I cannot embroider much smaller than .33" (8mm) tall, and only that small with certain fonts.

As always, if you have questions, contact me.

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